To Our Clients, Colleagues and Friends:

During this extreme time, we wanted to update you on our Firm, our priorities, and how we may be able to assist you with important issues you may be confronted with as a consequence of COVID-19.

Health and Safety are Priority #1

We want you to know that the health and safety of everyone is, and always will be, our highest priority.

Virtual Remote Capabilities

As a result of COVID-19’s ongoing developments, we have set up our team of attorneys, paralegals and staff to function remotely in virtual home offices, with full and complete access to the same essential resources as if we were situated in our office location. Whether it be the institution of new litigations, taking depositions, handling matrimonial, employment and insurance matters, consummating business and real estate transactions, negotiating and drafting agreements to address financial workouts necessitated by the current crisis, or addressing clients’ estate concerns, we continue to be fully available to our clients and other interested parties on a remote basis.

Video Conferencing and Depositions

Our attorneys are fully equipped to handle matters remotely, and have been conducting video meetings with clients, attorneys and the Court, as well as multi-person video conferences and video depositions.

Financial Difficulties, Mortgage and Rent issues; Business issues; Debt Restructuring and Loan Workouts

If you are experiencing a difficult situation with your personal and/or business financial and other obligations, and require them to be modified, deferred, renegotiated, forgiven and/or restructured, we can assist you. Whether your needs require reviewing your obligations and negotiating with your personal and/or business creditors, addressing your rent and/or mortgage issues, or handling another financial situation caused by the current economic downturn, our attorneys can help you. If you are a creditor and need assistance in addressing delinquent obligations owed to you or your business, we can guide you in evaluating your options. We were able to help navigate many businesses and individuals through the previous Financial Crisis, and are available to assist you and answer any questions you may have as a result of the current volatile economic conditions.

Employment Issues

If you are an employee experiencing issues relating to your employment, are an employer faced with having to make difficult decisions or are making applications for government loans or programs to assist your business, it is generally prudent to seek professional advice before making such important decisions. We are available to answer your questions relating to your employment issues.

Family Law Issues

During extreme times like this, emotions can run high. Families, whether intact or separate, must continue to function effectively during this crisis. Whether you have custody and/or parenting time issues, an inability to pay support or have not received support that you are due, want to discuss the impact that the current economic climate may have on your, your spouse or your former spouse’s financial obligations, or the value of a marital asset, or any other family law related issue, our team of experienced family attorneys are able to provide guidance on how to successfully navigate through these difficult issues. Our focus has, and always will be, promoting and safeguarding the best interests of families and children, and our team is here for you, to help you make those hard decisions and to help provide you with peace of mind.

Estate issues

During these difficult times, with the condition of one’s health and the protection of one’s assets on the forefront of people’s minds, many are evaluating or re-evaluating their estate plans, living wills, and powers of attorney, and are creating and updating their estate documents. These times, while turbulent, may also present an opportunity to evaluate the placement of family and closely held business interests. We are available to answer your questions relating to your estate needs.

Insurance Issues

During times like these, insurance is always an important topic of conversation. Our attorneys are available to review agreements and policies of insurance (e.g., business interruption, cyber theft, ransom, etc.) for businesses and individuals who may be affected by the current crisis, and we are available to answer any questions you may have on this evolving area. It is important that you not make assumptions about your current coverage especially regarding whether your policy will cover losses sustained during this volatile period, but that you first seek professional advice before you make decisions that could affect your business or your family.

Criminal Issues

Our team of criminal attorneys are committed to continuing to serve our community during these unprecedented times. If you or a loved one are facing criminal charges, are out on bail or awaiting notice from the Court, this time is as important as any other to preserve your rights. Whether you are a victim or stand accused of domestic violence, violent crimes, vehicular or drug related offenses, we are available to assist you and your loved ones.

The Future

While we do not yet know exactly what the future may hold, and while we do not believe that it is prudent to speculate, we nevertheless feel confident that by supporting each other we will all emerge from this difficult situation stronger and more knowledgeable than before.

Please call us at (201) 947-4100, email us at, or visit our website at if you need any guidance or advice. We are ready to assist you, your loved ones and your business, and to address whatever needs that you may have during this difficult time.

Most importantly, we hope this message finds you and yours safe and healthy,

Your friends at Guaglardi & Meliti, LLP